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I started Lewis Enterprises in June of 2022 as an investment journal and “living anthology” of great investment writing. The name is a reference to Richard Gere’s character and firm in the movie Pretty Woman.

Concurrent with the romantic storyline, Gere’s character (Ed Lewis) is pursuing Morse Industries, a struggling ship builder. Lewis’ firm is not interested in the ship building business as much as the acres and acres of coastal Los Angeles real estate that Morse owns. It is a minor subplot but exemplifies the blind spot the market still has for asset-heavy companies and what famed investor Marty Whitman identified as a myopic focus on the income statement over the balance sheet.

In addition to my normal writing on investment philosophy, paid subscribers will also get access to frequent research-driven pieces focusing on listed REIT and real asset opportunities.

About your Analyst/Author

Hunter is the Managing Director of Portfolio Solutions for Armada ETF Advisors, an ETF issuer focused on quantitative REIT research and asset management.

Prior to joining Armada, Hunter was the Alternative and Real Assets Portfolio Manager for an RIA based in Richmond, Virginia. In that role, he directed allocations to private equity, hedge funds, REITs, and Structured Products. Previously, he was the lead capital markets advisor for a consulting firm focused on large-scale timber acquisitions. 

Hunter has advised on capital formation for both emerging real estate sponsors as well as institutional groups and serves on the investment committee of a private equity real estate fund.

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Hunter is a private and public real estate investor and a Director at Armada Investors. He also writes about private markets, finance and investment management at Lewis Enterprises.