Wonderful piece. I find myself nodding with all of this. Reluctantly. It's hard to be timely without falling into the trap of sensationalism and chasing the same types of headlines that are easy to criticize. There is the battle between thorough nuance and brevity - fighting for the reader's attention, respecting their time, and preserving interest is quite a lot to balance. This likely steers those seeking 'new investment thought' into niches and what you often reference as esoteric. Those rabbit holes, by definition, promise a significantly smaller audience, but they also present an opportunity for discovery. I'm not sure if anything can truly be 'new', or if one can find "New Investment Thought" intentionally. I'd think it's more likely to be by accident and is something that feels repulsive at first - likely challenging previously held beliefs the discoverer isn't ready to let go of.

With all that said, I look forward to being in Omaha this coming May. I'll be there, surrounded by thousands of other 'free thinkers and contrarians', hanging on every word the Oracle and Charlie have to share. At least I'll have a nice steak or two while I'm there.

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I believe the geopolitical risk framework Nobel Prize winner Robert Engle to be relatively novel investment approach.


If you want to get the heart pumping, I recently read investment strategies based on trend following of intra-day 0DTE options with technical analysis... which is probably not something in the Buffett letter.

Optimizing Automated Trading Systems with Deep Reinforcement Learning


The Early Bird Catches the Intraday Trend by J Gava · 2021


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Nuked my Twitter for a while, so can't comment over there. If you haven't read him, I find Andy Redleaf to be quite refreshing.




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