Thanks Hunter. Suppose the ask chasing the bid downward is simply dollar value destruction on equity XYZ.

Perhaps "sidelined capital" is effectively hitting the pause button on the destruction of *that* dollar? As the equity it "escaped" from continues to fall, thereby destroying the buying power of *those* dollars 🤷‍♂️

If 10% of an company XYZ's float trades, while 90% sits, then it takes very few dollars to cause large moves in the market cap. So there's leverage at play on most equities.. And those dollars that escaped in a timely fashion can be re-deployed once company XYZ reaches more attractive buying valuations.

I guess "sidelined" is only truly sidelined in retrospect, and is therefore a useless nearterm term. Because we'd need to know if those dollars:

1) escaped a falling investment

2) got redeployed at lows

3) got rewarded, later, by stock XYZ climbing again ahead of global dollar strength and monetary inflation.

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Can't say I entirely follow that, but I have been thinking about the degree to which this is a form of currency exchange, dollars for an equity claim.

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