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Another hit, good stuff Hunter!

First thought that came to mind: The MBS debacle of 08 seemed sincere in its stupidity, in that the clowns who packaged BBB debt as AAA were chancers, and the rest of the market was clueless to the atom bomb these clowns had built.

Today, however, there is a palatable sense of orchestration. Examples:

- The rapid rate of change in rates may have been planned to wreak havoc upon 1) long duration assets, and 2) now, over-levered banks.

- The aggressive fiscal stimulus that preceded it made billionaires out of a plethora of approved "elites"

This all happened amid a slew of other market misfortunes that did not feel like naturally emerging phenomenon, but planned outcomes. At least, that's how it appears to me.

This time it feels fishy.

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